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Introducing our delectable M&M Cookies, the ultimate indulgence for any sweet tooth! Made with premium ingredients and packed with vibrant M&M chocolate candies, each bite is a burst of flavor and fun. Our cookies boast a perfect balance of crispy edges and chewy centers, ensuring a satisfying texture with every nibble. Whether you're craving a delightful snack or seeking the perfect dessert to share with friends and family, our M&M Cookies are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more. Treat yourself to a taste of happiness today!


SKU: 010
  • Ingredients: Enriched flour, butter, chocolate chips, Soy, sugar, eggs, salt, artificial vanilla extract, baking soda, and raising powder.
    Allergy warning: Contains: wheat, eggs, milk,  soy and color (Blue 1 lake, Red 40, Yellow 6 lake, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Red 40 lake Yellow 5, 6 lake, Blue 2)

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